"I wish I could say a goodbye worthy enough for what we had, but I can’t. You were more than exceptional but I wasn’t ready. I know these words have probably been echoed throughout the centuries, between many lovers, but I want you to know that you were just great. I deserve the pain I’m going through. You dont deserve the pain, but that just goes to show how great you are. I can’t say goodbye any other way because it would be too hard. Just know, that you did nothing wrong, even if you think you did, you didn’t. You might think that if you did this or that it would have made a difference but no, it’s not true. I’m not intelligent, you know that from my actions but just know that you will never be replaced. You are who I want but just not at the right time. I wish I could hide this from the public but I’m drunk and I’m using my phone so I don’t know how to hide this. So please, find someone who deserves you because I sure don’t. I love you. Goodbye. "